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Asian massage with more than a happy ending

- Sep 16, 2016

My homie said to check out this Asian massage parlor on the other side of town because the girls are hot and he always gets a happy ending every time he goes there. If I hadn’t experienced it myself I wouldn’t believe him. This Asian girl I got didn’t speak English very well, but she was very well versed in handling a big black cock. As soon as she saw my cock, this chick was positively obsessed. She couldn’t keep her hands off it. She kept soaping my body but found every way imaginable to keep her little hands roaming all over my big dick. She was running game saying she ain’t never seen a cock this big and she’s all scared of it. Don’t try and play a playa lady. She sucked that cock like it was just another Tuesday. She covered me with oil and used her body to apply it over mine. Those perky Asian tits on my back felt real nice. With both of us covered in oil, I slid right into that slanted pussy and I fucked the shit out of it. I really hope next time I bust a nut in this masseuse's face she remembers that she's handled this big black dick before. 

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Tailoring This Dick To Fit In That Ass

- Jul 18, 2016

I can’t believe they messed up my favorite suit. I took my suit to my usual tailor for some alterations. When I returned to pick it up, the pant legs were way too short. Man I can’t wear a suit with some flooded ass pant legs, its like Noah’s ark up in this bitch. So I demanded answers, and so did the owner of the shop. HE went back to talk to Milcah, the girl uncharge of flooding my pants. She fucked up. After the owner went about his business to try and fix my suit. Micah made the situation better by helping me relax. She pulled out my dick and started going to china town with it. She swallowed my cock whole son!! This girl loves big black dick. After that it was time to take her to pound town. I fucked her all over her work space in several different positions until that pussy couldn’t take anymore. At that moment, I sneaked that shit in her asshole. Thats right I got me some tight Asian asshole. I proceeded to slam that ass until busting all over that beautiful pussy of hers. Micah for sure made me forget all about the messed up suit.

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Asian Massage With A Happy Ending

- Jun 10, 2016

Those asian massages really do release some stress. These two asian beauties showed up at my house for my scheduled massage, and man was it better than I expected. I was so relaxed that I accidentally popped a boner. The girls went nuts the moment they saw it, I guess they don’t make em this size in Asia. Soon after, they were ready to gobble my cock. The girls took a good ol pounding and loved every single minute of it. They loved Bouncing up and down on a big black cock for the first time in their lives.

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DP at the cleaners

- Jun 3, 2016

We have a good one for you guys this week. Jovan and Isaiah needed there outfits tailored so they hit up the cleaners. They found the extremely shy Mila Jade working the counter. The fellas broke down the situation and the trio went to the back room or a measuring. The measuring was going as usual, until Mila worked her way to the crotch area and thats when she noticed what the guys were packing. Her eyes were instantly glued to Jovans’ cock that was already rock hard from all her measuring. Everyone in the room knew she wanted to see the monster, so he whipped it out and she instantly blushed. Mila wanted some Mandingo Meat. Things escalated quickly before she could say “KUNG Po CHICKEN”, she had two big black dicks in her mouth. The double blow job turned into sex quickly, and to break tradition she went straight to anal while gagging on some cock and balls. This threesome was great, especially when she fired up the wok and took a cock in her ass and one in her pussy, DP Baby! This is a must watch.

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Giggly Marica Hase marveling at a huge black cock

- May 27, 2016

Today we bring you a sexy little slice of sushi known as Marica Hase. Marica is a sexy petite giggling shy FOB from Tokyo, Japan. Don’t let her innocent demeanor fool you. Somewhere behind those slanty eyes hides a freak who loves to fucky sucky. This girl is down for anything. She had a lot of giggly fun marveling at the size my boy’s huge black cock. Then it was time for her to take on the challenge of fitting that enormous dick in her tiny mouth, which she did with the skill of a samurai. She slapped on every inch of that huge dong till it was time to stretch out that tight asian pussy. And if that’s not enough, she even takes it in the ass. That’s right, asian anal! Check it out!

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Anal With Mia Li

- May 20, 2016

What up dawgz. Today we bring you Mia Li. Mia’s a sexy giggly asian from Japan, I guess. She didn’t speak enough English to tell us, but what she lacked in words, she more than made up for in enthusiasm. Of course she acted shy, but she was excited to try a big black cock. At first she just seemed fascinated by the huge dick, but once she got her hands on it, it was game on. She did her best to take as much as she could down her throat. Her pretty pussy was a different story. That pussy was tight. But to our surprise, she wanted to try it in her ass. As in, she request anal from that huge dong. She loved getting ass fucked. You should hear the noises she made. She seemed to love the taste of cum just as much. She wore that load on her face and chest like a medal for meeting the challenge. Well she earned it. Check out the video.

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